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1kg Multiseed Bread Flour
1kg White Bread Flour
2 Gingerbread Men
3 Chocolate Chip Cookie
3 White Demi Baguettes
4 Jam Doughnuts
4 Large White Soft Rolls
4 Regular White Soft Rolls
4 Sausage Rolls
500g Multiseed Bread Flour
500g White Bread Flour
Add a Personalised Plaque to your Cutting Cake
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Antipasti Platter
Apple Juiceburst 500ml
Art Deco (feeds 35)
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Beatrix Potter Number Cake (feeds 25)
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Beers Chilling (feeds 15)
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Billionaire's Traybake
Bing (Feeds 35)
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Bloomer Unsliced
Blue Marble Floral Cake
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Box of 6 Traditional Mince Tarts
Box of 9 Mini Halloween Cupcakes
Box of 9 Traditional Mini Mince Tarts
Bumblebee & Flower Number Cake (Feeds 60)
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By the Sea (feeds 40)
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Carrot Cake (10 Large Slices)
Carrot Cupcake Tower (30 Cupcakes)
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Cawstons Rhubarb & Apple Presse 330ml
Champagne Bottle with Strawberries (feeds 20)
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Chanel Handbag (feeds 20)
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Chocolate Brownie Cake (10 Large Slices)
Chocolate Buttercream Sandwich
Chocolate Chip Cookie Bites
Chocolate Heaven Drip Cake (feeds 30)
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Chocolate Orange Cutting Cake (10 Large Slices)
Chocolate Shoe with Starburst (feeds 20)
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Chocolate Sponge Cake (10 Large Slices)
Chocolate Velvet Drip Cake (10 Large Slices)
Christening (feeds 35)
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Christening Mini Trio Cakes (feeds 30)
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Christian Louboutin 3D Shoe Cake (feeds 15)
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Cinderella (feeds 15)
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Classic 20cm Round (feeds 15)
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Classic 20cm Square (feeds 20)
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Classic 25cm Round (feeds 25)
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Classic 25cm Square (feeds 40)
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Classic 30cm Square (feeds 60)
Choose options
Classic 35cm Square (feeds 80)
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Classic 40cm Square (feeds 100)
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Classic Bridge Roll Platter
Classic Car (feeds 20)
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Classic Sandwich Platter
Cloud (feeds 30)
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Coffee Sponge Cake (10 Large Slices)
Coke Bottle 500ml
Coke Can 330ml
Cold Meats Bridge Roll Platter
Cold Meats Sandwich Platter
Creepy Crawlie Number Cake (feeds 25)
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