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Our HistoryFrom a single shop in Sawbridgeworth to 15 shops & 5 snack vans across Herts, Essex and Cambs...

  • 1919


    Ernest Dorrington set up his bakery in Sawbridgeworth in a small bakehouse with a shop.

    He had left the army only two weeks earlier after 5 years service with the Essex Yeomanry in France and a military medal under his belt. In that fortnight he had married the girl he had courted throughout the war, taken a weeks honeymoon and put down his war service gratuity as a deposit for the business of "baker and corn dealer", so corn could be purchased alongside your daily loaf and this helped as most people at that time kept a few chickens in their back yard.

  • 1924


    The next Dorringtons shop was opened in Harlow (now Old Harlow) and a Model T Ford Van was purchased to make deliveries.

  • 1930


    With the arrival of electricity to the country town of Sawbridgeworth, the paraffin engine driving the dough mixer finally went to the scrap yard and was replaced with an electric motor.

    Our next branch shop opens in the centre of Bishops Stortford in the market square. There were six other bakers in the town at the time, all of which have since disappeared.

    In addition to Market Square, you’ll also find us at Snowley Parade and Havers Lane in Bishops Stortford.

  • 1939


    The Second World War brought all manner of difficulties but we still had bread rounds delivering door-to-door 3 days a week. Shortage of petrol brought our horse drawn delivery vans back into service and the odd air raid warning and black outs did not help!

  • 1945

    In 1945 the Second World War finally ended and the world began to change dramatically. George Dorrington, son of Ernest, took on the mantel of Managing Director from his father after returning from serving in Burma during the Second World War. The bakers roundsman was rapidly disappearing from the streets of England and, as Harlow New Town expanded, so too did Dorringtons, with new shops at The Stow and Potter Street.

  • 1950

    With plenty of room on the site of the original bakehouse a brand new bakery was built. Out went the old coke fired oven with its sulphur fumes to be replaced with the latest gas fired models.

  • 1960


    Competition became fierce with rapidly expanding supermarkets, where bread was sold as a loss leader. Many of the remaining independent bakers went out of business. Dorringtons continued to maintain its high standards of quality freshness and good value rather than compete in the battle for cheapness.

  • 1980

    A third generation takes up the reins with James Dorrington and the bakery was again enlarged and rebuilt.

  • 2007

    Caroline, granddaughter of Ernest Dorrington, becomes Managing Director, following the retirement of her brother James.

  • 2011

    The 4th generation of the Dorrington Family starts working for the business, bringing new ideas as the business expands.

  • 2012


    A new website is launched, allowing customers to purchase a range of bakery goods online, including hampers.

  • 2013


    In January we opened our 15th shop in Sawston, Cambridgeshire.

    We also relaunched our bespoke celebration cakes – creating cakes for every occasion!

    Our Newport store gets a long awaited makeover, and now includes a small café!

  • 2014


    Dorringtons celebrates 95 years in the baking business! Our 16th, and most recent store, is opened in The Stag, Hatfield Heath and we opened the Cake Room at our Sawbridgeworth shop – offering consultations and tastings to customers for their bespoke wedding cakes.

  • 2017


    A new venture starts with our first Sandwich and Snack Van, delivering to the workplace in Harlow, and looking to expand with more vans in more areas.

  • 2018


    In August we sent our fourth Sandwich Van out to deliver freshly baked and prepared lunches to the workforce of Bishop's Stortford. Since the launch of our first Sandwich Van in 2017, we now have five vans serving offices and industrial estates in and around Harlow, Bishop's Stortford and Stansted.